What you will be able to see

The National Monument Oranjehotel consists of a Memorial Centre with a permanent exhibition. Here, you will hear the stories of people who were locked up here. We tell stories about life in prison and about the prison system, but also about the occupation, the resistance, the disruption within families, and the post-war approach to dealing with the past - stories which symbolise courage, resilience and coping capacity. These stories are still important today: they show us how vulnerable freedom is, and which choices people make when injustice, repression and persecution control society.

The authentic Cell 601, one of the death cells, is located at the heart of the Memorial Centre. This cell was kept as a silent witness right after the war.

Between the cell complex and the five-metre high prison wall, there is an open area with a Memorial Space. Here, the annual Memorial will take place. There are two other monuments in the long outside wall of the prison: ‘The Little Gate’ and the memorial plaque ‘Zij waren eensgezind’ (‘They were united’).

In due course, the ‘Dune Monument’ will be arranged on the other side of the road along the dune edge, bearing the names of the people who were executed on the Waalsdorpervlakte. This monument makes the connection to the nearby execution spot.