Memorial of Names

For many prisoners, their stay in the Oranjehotel often meant the beginning of a very long route to other prisons or camps in the Netherlands or Germany. In most cases, only the in-between or end stations are known. Soon, a digital Memorial of Names will name as many names as possible. This way, we aim to acknowledge and remember all the victims, regardless of the reason for their arrest, what happened next, or how long they were detained. Each victim gets his or her place, and is acknowledged as a victim of the occupation.

Different files are linked

We work together with the NOB (War Resources Network), a national network of museums, institutions, foundations and memorial centres. A large database is available which contains over 18,000 names of prisoners. These names, and additional data, are entered into a central database which is connected to various institutions, such as the NOB and the OGS (Dutch War Graves Foundation). Our new data are then linked to the already existing data. This allows for ‘puzzle pieces’ to be added from different sides, in order to complete the stories of each person.

You can add memories and information yourself

The Memorial of Names will soon also function as the starting point for entering memories and information. Survivors and interested parties will get the opportunity to add information, photos or pictures themselves.

More information

For more information or in order to request information about former prisoners, mail your question to