Memorial service

Since 1946, a memorial service has been organised every year. During the first memorial one of the death cells, Cell 601, and The Little Gate were officially opened. Each year, the memorial service is organised on the last Saturday of September or the first Saturday of October.

During the memorial, a commemoration speech is held and music is played. After a minute of silence and the Wilhelmus (the Dutch national anthem), a Silent Procession past Cell 601 follows. Every year, approximately 350-400 people take part in the memorial service. Among them are several guests of honour such as survivors and relatives of former prisoners. The President of the Senate of the Netherlands, the President of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands, representatives of the Royal Family, the Cabinet, the Commissioner of the King, and the Mayor of The Hague are also present. Additionally, several students from the Maris College Belgisch Park attend the service. Since 2003 they have adopted the Oranjehotel as a monument. The Royal Police Band Haaglanden provides the musical programme. Scouting Sint Joris Group 5 offers support during the memorial service.