Visit and online tickets

What are the opening hours?
Opening hours are Tuesday – Sunday from 11am to 5pm. We are closed 25nd of December and 1st of January.

How do I get access to the National Monument Oranjehotel?
To ensure an optimal spread of visitors, we work with entry times. It is no longer mandatory to reserve an entrance ticket online in advance since 1 July. We do advise you to book an online ticket in advance so as not to risk waiting.

Do I need a Coronapass to visit the museum?
No, you don't need to show a vaccination certificate or negative test result to visit the museum. Only in our museumcafé it is mandatory.

Is the Museum Card valid?
The Museum card is not (yet) valid. We do however offer attractive rates for young people and families.

I have an ICOM pass, Veteran pass or a Donor or Protector pass and therefore free admission. Do I also have to buy a ticket online?
Absolutely. In this way we ensure optimal distribution of the visitors. Take your pass with you and show it at the cash desk.

Can I also make a reservation by phone?
If online booking is unsuccessful and there are sufficient tickets available, you can reserve your tickets by telephone on tel. 070 222 80 70. You will then pay these at the box office. Please note, we only accept debit card payments.


About entry times

What is an entry time?
We work with entry times so that we can optimally spread the number of visitors over the day. You can enter during your entire walk-in time and you can stay in the Oranjehotel until closing time (5 pm). To avoid crowds at the entrance, we request that you arrive no earlier than the start of your entry time.

Which entry times can I choose?
The entry times are from Tuesday to Sunday between 11 am to 3.30 pm
7 tickets are available per entry time
We recommend a minimum visit duration of 1.5 hours. The last entry time (15.30-16.00) is therefore especially suitable for a short introduction.

What is the difference between an entry time and a time slot?
Some museums use time slots. Time slots allow you to enter at a specific time and there is a limited visit time. We do not choose that. We strive to spread the walk-in and visit as much as possible in a natural way and to allow everyone to visit the Oranjehotel in peace. Therefore, you can enter for half an hour.

About additional measures:

Can I visit the National Monument Oranjehotel if I have (minor) cold complaints?
Unfortunately not. In line with national measures, we ask you to stay at home. We would be happy to receive you when you are completely well again.

Which hygiene measures have been taken in the National Monument Oranjehotel?
We provide additional cleaning of contact points and touch surfaces, such as door handles, toilets, taps, lockers, payment terminals and audio tours. Disinfectant hand gel is available at various locations in the Remembrance Center.

Can I bring my own headphones or "ears"?
Certainly. You can use your own headphones for the audio tour.

Do I have to wear a mouth mask during my visit?
It is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask. 

Can I pay with cash at the Nationaal Monument Oranjehotel?
With us you can only pay with pin. In connection with hygiene, we ask everyone to pay as much as possible contactless.


About facilities in the Oranjehotel:

Is the cafe open?
Yes, our small café is open for coffee/tea and light refreshments.

Is the shop open?
Yes, the museum shop is open again. Payment can only be made by pin.

Is there parkingspace?
We have sufficient free parking spaces on our own property. We also have our own bicycle shed.

Can I visit the Oranjehotel with a wheelchair?
Sure. The Oranjehotel is wheelchair accessible. A number of parking spaces are reserved for disabled people. We have a wheelchair that you can borrow.

Do you have another question:
Send an email to info@oranjehotel.org. We are happy to assist you!